Physical Characteristics of Iberico Ham

Iberico Ham

Heart-Healthy Spanish Iberico Hams

In Spain, bellota grade ham is considered highly nutritious, and is often recommended by doctors for patients with high cholesterol.

The acorn-laden diet consumed by the pigs results in pork high in oleic acid - the same healthy fat found in olive oil that lowers "bad" cholesterol (LDL) and raises "good" cholesterol (HDL).

As the dry air of Spain does not require heavy salting to cure meats, Iberico ham has less sodium and retains many natural vitamins and minerals.


  • Long violin-like shape with "V" cut pattern
  • Trademark black hoof left in place to aid identification
  • Pink to purple-red color
  • Fat well marbled throughout the flesh
  • The color of fat is light pink or tinted yellow


  • Dry, slightly salty
  • Aroma has hint of roasted nut
  • Non-fibrous texture
  • Fat is pleasant tasting, and melts in the mouth

Treat yourself to some Spanish Iberico ham today!