Choosing Your Spanish Ham by Region

Iberico Ham

Recognized Regions for Spanish Iberico Ham Classification

The European Community recognizes the following designations. The Denominate de Origin is a guarantee that the ham comes from a specific region and meets quality criteria monitored by the government, similar to the classification of wines.  All Iberico hams must be at least 75% pure Iberico breed, and many are 100%.

Iberico Ham - D.O. Jamon de Huelva

Jamon de Huelva is from areas in Huelva including Cartagena, Jabugo, Cumbres Mayores. 

Ham from Huelva has marbled veins of fat throughout the lean meat. The outer side has a V-shape and is covered by a layer of thick, gleaming fat on the outer side. The ham has a pink color, which darkens to purple as it ages and cures. A diet rich in acorns gives this ham its characteristic shine at room temperature.

Iberico Ham - D.O. Pedroches

Pedroches ham is from Andalucia, near the city of Cordoba. The Valle de los Pedroches is a huge dehesa rangeland covered with oak and cork trees. It is famous for a sweet, mild flavor. Officially recognized in 1998.

Pedroches Valley pigs are acorn fed from century old oak trees, imbuing hams with delicate and unique flavors that thrill the senses.

Iberico Ham - D.O. Guijuelo

Guijuelo ham is from the Sierra de Gredos and Bejar. The sierra overlaps several regions, including Castilla Leon, Extremadura, Andalucia and Castilla-La Mancha. The hams are cured in Guijuelo, in the province of Salamanca. Officially recognized in 1986.

Guijuelo hams are also known listed under the brand “Tierra de Sabor” or “Land of Taste,” which includes products from the region that are exceptional in quality.

Iberico Ham - D.O. Dehesa de Extremadura

Dehesa de Extremadura ham is from areas including the oak groves of Caceres and Badajoz. This area has been officially designated since 1980.

The prestigious Extremadura hams are keenly sought after, and demand often exceeds availability of these highly commended hams.

Treat yourself to some Spanish Iberico ham today!